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Love solving problems in consuming data (Data Engineering) and by consuming data (AI/Data Science) using Programming and Mathematics, along with learning new technologies and implementing them in building & optimizing systems & solutions.


Programming Languages: Python, Java, JavaScript, Rust, SQL, Bash, C, C++, BASIC

Databases: SQL Server, Mysql, SQLite3, Postgresql, Mongodb

Cloud & Bigdata: Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Hadoop, Spark, Snowflake

AI/ML (& related): Scikit-Learn, TensorFlow, DialogFlow, RASA, Matplotlib, Seaborn

Operating Systems: Unix (macOS), Linux & Windows


Sr. Data Engineer, 84.51; Cincinnati, OH, USA — 2020-Present

Built an automated system around a data science model that fetches data from multiple sources, aggregates, transforms, fed to the model for prediction and the resulting data is written on to the target location.

Executes 20 billion rows with 20 columns and 40 steps of transformation in about 23 mins

Data Engineer, Cisco; Bengaluru, KA, IND — 2019-2020

Automated data pipelines involving data transformations and migrations between various storage services

Each script executes twice weekly handling incremental updates

NLP Engineer, Cisco; Bengaluru, KA, IND — 2019-2020

Developed a chatbot that interacts with the user as first point of contact and transfers the conversation to a specific bot (with the context) for the specific resolution.

Implemented context transfers between the bots

Consultant, Talent Sprint; Hyderabad, TG, IND — 2018-2019

Developed and deployed a data science model that suggests the optimized arguments for the execution parameters of the task at hand.

Software Engineer, Global Data; Hyderabad, TG, IND — 2018-2018

Automated 2 data pipelines involving extraction of data from multiple sources including HTML and XML pages & HTTP and FTP servers and loading onto on-prem SQL Servers after required cleanings and transformations.

Implemented changing proxies and leveraged on multi-processing execution and runs thrice weekly on multiple machines

Software Developer, Invincible Software Solutions Integrated; Visakhapatnam, AP, IND — 2017-2018

Developed Backend and Database for 12 web applications. Built descriptively analyzed data visualization reports using Tableau (& SSRS) for USA based federal clients.

Project Engineer, Royal Oman Police; Muscat, OM — 2013-2015

Designed and developed database for Speed Cameras and developed automated transfer of data from the primary (OLTP) servers to secondary (OLAP) servers.

Automation Engineer, Mott MacDonald; Abu Dhabi, UAE — 2009-2012


Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, AP, IND — B. Tech (Computer Science Engineering), 2009